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Chainfire 3D

Do you want to play HD games on your low-end Android Phone. With Chainfire 3D most of the HD games can be played smoothly devices having low specifications. Chainfire 3d is an application that acts between the game and the processor/GPU. The reason being lagging of HD games is that, processors cannot process this much HD graphics from the game. So the processor/GPU becomes overloaded and will become a hang or slow performance. What ChainFire 3d do is, it captures the graphics of the game, then convert it to a low quality and then sent it to the processor/GPU. Now the processor can handle it.

Advantage of the Pro

If you are using normal CF3D, before playing HD games, everything you have to open the CF3D application and apply the setting to start the game. But in pro version you don’t have to do that, it will automatically load that settings.

How to Install and Use

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  1. Download and install the APK
  2. Put the plugins into the Internal Memory (you can put it anywhere, CF3D will automatically detect it)
  3. Open the app
  4. Select install CF3D driver and restart the phone
  5. Again open the app and select install plugins/shaders (it will search and install)
  6. Check everything inside Default OpenGL settings
  7. You have to load the plugin (it depends on your mobile, so google it to find your plugins name)

Happy Gaming!!! ENJOY!!! 🙂

NOTE: This app will not work with all the phones. Using this app on your own risk. If anything will happen to your phone only you will be the responsible for that.




CF3D PRO v3.3 APK + Plugins [350 KB] | Mirror

ES File Explorer File Manager – Use to open zip/rar file on Android

Cracked APK + DataDownload

Cracked APK OnlyDownload