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In Today`s World we are surrounded by a vast variety of technologies without which our life would be nothing. Internet is one of the major technologies which changed our life. But Today, The Problem is that about 57% of the world`s population does not have access to internet.But the people who have want to increase the connectivity of their devices including mobile phones, laptops, iDevices, televisions and many more things. So, Here I Have Created A solution To Create Free WiFi Hotspot Anywhere With Just One Click.

NOTE : Some antivirus may detect this file as a virus but it’s only due to exe compression. Here are virus total reports of application without exe compression.You can always trust On HAX


  • Personal Hotspot Name
  • Personal Password
  • Can Share Any Connection
  • Supports Most Of Wi-Fi Adapters
  • No Phone Connectivity Problem
  • Does not consumes much ram like the connectify
  • Does not run any background and startup services
  • Unlimited Hotspot Time
  • In-Built Update Function that automatically checks for updates on startup
  • Can Connect Up to 100 Clients at a Time.
  • Modern UI – To meet your style.
  • No CMD Popups
  • Compatible with windows- xp,7,8,8.1,10

What`s New in version 5?

  • Automatic Startup When Windows Starts
  • A changed and more improved API which can result in boost upto 150%
  • A  Client management system has been added
  • Get toast notifications in Windows
  • Compatible with windows 10
  • A connectify like user interface
  • Added an optional timer
  • Automatic Hotspot Sharing
  •  Maximize ability
  • You can change the position of Interface – Drag and drop
  • A status refresh button has been added
  • We have changed the name to Hotspoter
  • We have partnered with some big companies like : CNET, Softonic, ZDNet etc.

How To Create Wi-Fi Hotspot Using the Program ?

  1. Download The Hotspoter Application, Created by me.
  2. Double Click The Application and click ‘yes’ in UAC prompt.
  3. Follow The Steps On Screen And Install It.
  4. Now Open it from desktop icon.
  5. Now enter the hotspot name and password (if you want a custom hotspot name and password).
  6. After doing the above steps, click on start hotspot button.
  7. Now, Wait Till the text in status changes to ‘Hotspot Started’.
  8. Done 🙂

Introductory Video

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Official Link

Downloads (External Download Platforms)    (LATEST !)

Hotspoter (v5).rar  |  Mirrors  (1.9 MB)

Old Versions

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator.rar  /  Mirrors  (1.7 MB)              v4

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator.rar  /  Mirrors   (1.1 MB)              v3.0.6

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator.rar  /  Mirrors   (1.4 MB)              v3.0.5.9

Wi-fi Hotspot Creator.rar / Mirrors      (2.18 MB)             v2.13.1211 

Wi-fi Hotspot Creator.rar / Mirrors    (2.18 MB)              v2.13.1210 


For keeping this project alive, we have to put lot of efforts and have to spend huge amount of money as we have to design the application, modify the official website, release latest updates with bug fixes.. We are launching a new mission. From now every person who donate 1$ or above will get a personalized Hotspoter with their own image or video in the background. For more information, read below :

Min. Donation Amount : 1 $ USD

Donate Here

For Any Queries FeedBack or Suggestions. Feel Free To Comment Below 🙂

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