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Norton 2014

Norton Internet Security is one of the most popular anti-virus packages in the world. That’s with good reason in our tests, its accuracy in detecting malicious programs was second only to Kaspersky Internet Security. Unlike Kaspersky, Norton was compromised by two out of the 100 malicious programs it was exposed to. It also misidentified two of 100 benign programs as malicious, blocking them from being installed.

This trial resetter works for

  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton AntiVirus
  • Norton 360.

How to Reset ?

  1. Open you Norton product and go to settings
  2. Disable Norton Product Tamper Protection from settings (  Norton > Settings >  )
  3. Disable All Security guards of Norton for 15 minutes ( ex : Insight Protection, Antivirus, Antispyware .. )
  4. Open trial resetter and click Reset Trial Period
  5. The trial resetter will automatically close and the resetting process will be driven in the background
  6. After about 10 seconds Norton will be launched automatically
  7. Check ! You got 30 days back ( 180 days if you have used the activation key)

How to Convert to Norton OEM Edition ?

  • Start-up your operating system in Safe-Mode ( by pressing F8 at bootup)
  • Follow the same process as Resetting trial period from step 3


Norton Products 2014 trial resetter.rar (610KB) / Mirrors

Norton 360 Free (202MB)

Norton AntiVirus Free (209MB)

Norton Internet Security Free (195MB)

If you use Norton 2013Trial Resetter for All Norton 2013 Products !



  • Activator will not work without disabling Norton Tamper Protection
  • Use clear activations button if you want to uninstall Norton in case, otherwise uninstallation will print errors
  • If Resetter says the app is already running, close the app . If app cannot be found search for the Norton trial resetter app in
  • Windows Task Manager processes list
  • You will have to Turn-off any other virus guards before downloading trial resetter because, Virus guards may try to inform you that the resetter is a virus program. If you don’t trust On HAX you can simply purchase full version of Norton products from their web page.
  • You can use Reset function to convert your Trial version of Norton security product to OEM version.But you will have reboot in safe mode first

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