Grand Theft Auto IV 

Well,this is a pretty old topic.But still GTA IV is not popular than GTA Sanandreas among gamers. Size of the game and computer requirements it need is keeping gamers away from it.But GTA IV is a game that all gamers should try at least once.

What this Crack can do ?

  • fix errors like “Application Closed”,Only Command Prompt,Crashing,Graphic Settings cannot be changed
  • This activator can fix GTA IV graphics,so you can optimize your graphic settings even for lower settings.

Get Ready !
follow the steps given below correctly  in order to activate your GTA IV copy.don’t miss any step or the crack won’t work

  1. First download and Install GTA IV (links given below)
  2. Now Download and Apply the Official Single Player Patch (Patch v. – Do not use the latest patch it only upgrades Multi player functions –  Download Link
  3. Now you can Uninstall ‘Rockstar Games Social Club’.Go to Control Panel and Uninstall it
  4. After that Download and Install “Games for Windows Marketplace”  –  Download Link

Still your GTA IV copy is not activated
It will keep asking to Activate It.Read Below to crack and Activate it

Read this guide to activate it easily : Read How to Crack/Activate GTA IV

Direct Download Link


Game Download

direct links

GTA IV Disk 1.iso (4.4 GB)

GTA IV Disk 2.iso (4.3 GB)

GTA IV Disk 3.iso (4.3 GB) 

GTA IV Disk 4.iso (1.2 GB)


GTA IV PC torrent (14 GB)

Crack / Patch Download

GTA IV Activator Fixer.rar (4.7 MB) / Mirrors

GTA IV Official Patch (32 MB) / Mirror

Games for Windows Marketplace setup (23 MB)