If you are a fan of On HAX,We think that we won’t need to remember what we have done in past 5 years.It’s a great challenge for us to create all these software,algorithms just as you request.

On HAX is free, and always will be free for everyone. We are really appreciate to provide such wonderful service for you for free.But, unlike On HAX itself, servers that power up On HAX are not free. Our server costs are no longer available publicly as the values may crack you up.

In addition we no longer ask for donations as there are way more important things in this world that are waiting for our/your help.

Help fight Ebola ! We’ll all know how serious the situation is now
we listed the most trusted and working communities that bring your donations in to action

Doctors Without Borders : Donate them

International Rescue Committee : Donate them

Partners In Health : Donate them

Save the Children : Donate them

In case if you are unable to donate them, but still want to help us here an easy way to display a link to On HAX

Display a badge in your website/blog
add any code given below and link us

<a href="http://starcraft-dva.ru//"><img alt="" 
width="140" height="47" /></a>

<a href="http://starcraft-dva.ru//"><img alt="" 
width="140" height="47" /></a>

<a href="http://starcraft-dva.ru//"><img alt="On HAX" 
width="160" height="160" /></a>

Thank you for helping ! Or even visiting On HAX 🙂